Personal Assistant, Administrative & Concierge Services

Lifestyle Management

How Valuable is YOUR Time?

Errands and daily life needs can consume you when you're already
feeling pulled in a million different directions.

You may find it difficult, or impossible, to do the sort of normal, daily routines you have established such as buying groceries, getting to doctor appointments, paying bills, recognizing and responding to important life events, transporting family members to appointments, etc.

Instead of trying to continue all of the activities that deny you the valuable time you need and deserve, consider getting help so that you can focus your efforts on more important things.

We all need help at one time or another.

Ask Lory! can lighten your load.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Automobile
    • Detailing
    • Inspection / Registration
    • Service / Repair Appointments
  • Bill Paying
  • Gift Service
    • Purchasing
    • Wrapping
    • Mail / Delivery
  • Personal Correspondence
  • Shopping Services
    • Grocery 
    • Household / Miscellaneous Items
    • Office Supplies
    • Pet Products
  • General Errands 
    • Banking 
    • Dry Cleaning
    • Postal Service / Shipping
    • Pharmacy / Prescription Pick-up & Delivery
  • Home Relocation Services
  • Photo Scanning and Archival
  • Repair / Service Call Waiting
  • Travel & Home Supervision